The Next Big Thing Show interviewed me last October to discuss what Paytah has to offer to the unbanked and the ‘de-risked’.

You’ll discover in this podcast:

  • How having all his business’s funds confiscated by the US Government affected Marco. How he went from depression, staring at walls, to starting another business with nothing.

  • What he did when he was completely vindicated by the US authorities, with every cent being repaid, and how that enabled him to establish Paytah – and soon-to-be-launched Monetum.

  • Why Marco is challenging another set of fat, slow, unresponsive industry dominators: traditional banks.

  • Who exactly the customers are that are being shunned by traditional banks- and why? Can Paytah serve them? What’s the catch?

  • How Paytah is regulated and how that gives it competitive advantage against UK based “challenger” banks, such as Revolut and Tide

  • How big this new market is. What’s the upside?

  • Whether or not Paytah, led by Marco Lavanna, will become the Next Big Thing in providing banking services to the already large, growing “deserving under-served” banking market.